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It wasn't long ago that I sat in my home watching my two daughters just being. Listening to my then 3 year old playing pretend and giggling. Snuggling my newborn close and taking in every coo and yawn. It was then, when I sat relishing in the beauty of my children and my motherhood, that I felt something. A pull. A calling. A desire to preserve all stages of motherhood as the realization set in that this moment, and all moments, are fleeting. 

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Because motherhood is as magical as it is fleeting

highlighting motherhood in all it's forms

I help moms preserve the fleeting moments of motherhood. Moments for them to be recognized for the things they do that go unsaid, unseen, and unheard. Her moment to shine and her motherhood to be showcased. A moment of connection with each of the beautiful souls she has created and raised.

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